Delivery to hospitals, universities and business and work addresses


If you’re looking to treat someone and have a gift delivered to either a hospital, university, college, military base, work address and so on, we ask you to be mindful that the driver is only required to deliver to the address on the label - not directly into the hands of the recipient wherever they may be within the building. For that reason, we cannot be held responsible for any delays that occur from here.


Sending a gift to someone in the hospital to help cheer them up? Be sure to include the ward name/number or department, as these details will make it easier for your treat to be delivered internally to where it needs to be. Sadly, we cannot deliver to hospitals on Saturdays.

It is worth checking, before you place an order to be delivered to a hospital, that the hospital will allow deliveries of food and drink items to the relevant ward, as well as ensuring all delivery details are correct. It would be such a shame for your gift to be delayed at the last hurdle due to unavoidable hospital policy.


For those lucky individuals you’re trying to treat who may live in a block of flats, the courier will require postal access to attempt delivery or for a card to be left.



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