What happens if the recipient is not at home when a delivery is attempted?

We know that it can be tricky to find out if someone is going to be home on a certain date without giving away the surprise, so there may be occasions when the lucky recipient is not at home when our courier partners attempt delivery.

In this instance, the drivers have been instructed to attempt to deliver the gift to a neighbour or leave it in a safe place, where it is appropriate and safe to do so. If not, then delivery will be reattempted. Whatever happens, they will receive notification to let them know they missed a parcel and tell the them next steps.

Second and third delivery attempts will be made. If these are still unsuccessful then the hamper will be returned to us at hampers.com. At this point a re-delivery admin fee per gift may apple. 

During the checkout stage when inputting delivery information, you can leave the recipient’s mobile number so that they can receive text updates about when they’re due to receive a parcel and when - this will help to increase your chances of them being at home when it’s due to be delivered to help prevent multiple missed delivery attempts. But if a surprise is what you’re after, best to put in your mobile number instead.


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